Andrew Wommack Devotional 12 March 2024 – A Lifestyle Check

Andrew Wommack Devotional 12 March 2024 – A Lifestyle Check

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Topic: A Lifestyle Check

Matthew 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

Text: Matthew 7:12-20

You can tell whether a person is genuine by the fruit they produce. This fruit is speaking of lifestyle. Jesus made the point that you don’t get bad fruit from a good tree, and you don’t get good fruit from a wrong tree. Many people say one thing, but their actions speak so loudly that you can’t hear them. If you doubt whether a person is genuine or whether you should receive from them and follow their teaching, look at the fruit they are producing.

More attention should be given to the fruit when evaluating ministers and ministries. Failure to do this could lead someone to reject and even discredit a minister who makes a mistake or is wrong in one area. Every minister has shortcomings, just as every other member of the Body of Christ does. But that doesn’t mean his ministry is terrible. Look at the fruit.

Fruit is the actual test of ministers and ministries. If people are being saved, if lives are being changed, there is good fruit. Even though the minister may say something terrible and make mistakes, the fruit is good.

Therefore, you can say that the tree is good. When a person says all of the right things and may seem sincere, but you see the lives of people around them shattered, torn, confused, and distressed, the fruit is rotten. You can judge a person’s effectiveness by the fruit they produce in their life. In ministry, you can judge a minister’s effectiveness by the fruit that his ministry produces.

Today, ensure that the fruit from your life is positive. Make sure you positively impact them, turn them, and not leave them hurriedly confused. People are looking at you to see what fruit you bear.

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