Andrew Wommack Devotional 22 March 2024 – About Those Scribes

Andrew Wommack Devotional 22 March 2024 – About Those Scribes

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Topic: About Those Scribes

Luke 6:7, “And the scribes and the Pharisees watched him, whether he would heal on the sabbath day, that they might find an accusation against him.”

Text: Matthew 12:1-14; Mark 2:23-3:6; Luke 6:1-11

The scribes were copyists of the holy scriptures. They preserved the oral law in written form and faithfully handed down the Hebrew scriptures. In New Testament times, they were students, interpreters, and teachers of the Old Testament. Their functions regarding the law were to teach, develop, and use it in any connection with the Sanhedrin and various local courts. They were ambitious for honor, which they demanded, especially from their pupils and the general public. This homage was readily granted to them (Mt. 23:5-11).

Ezra was a scribe and godly man during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. The scribe’s office was worthy, but he often rebuked the scribes of Jesus’ day for having gone beyond the job of copying out the scriptures. They had many interpretations that they had added to the scriptures based on traditions, thus making “the word of God of no effect” (Mk. 7:13).

The scribes became an independent company of interpreters of the law and leaders of the people. They even sought to evade the unavoidable of their precepts (Mt. 23:2-4). They clashed with Christ, for He taught with authority and condemned the external formalism they fostered (Mt. 7:28-29). They persecuted Peter and John (Acts 4:3-7) and had a part in Stephen’s martyrdom (Acts 6:12). However, although the majority opposed Christ, some did believe (Mt. 21:15).

Later, we’ll read how Jesus exposed the scribes’ hypocrisy by dealing with heart issues. They appeared to be holy outwardly, but their hearts were far from God. We must keep our hearts tender and receptive to His Word and give ourselves to Him in worship. Think about the good things he has done for you today, and be thankful.

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