Kenneth Copeland Devotional 11 February 2024 – Beyond What You Can Ask or Think

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Topic: Beyond What You Can Ask or Think

I thank my God; I speak with tongues more than ye all. – 1 Corinthians 14:18

Few things in the Bible have created more fuss than the issue of speaking in tongues. Churches have split over it. People have been persecuted for doing it. People have even been killed for it.

Who’s behind all the trouble? Satan himself. He’s so frightened of our ability to pray in tongues that he’s continually trying to steal it from us through persecution and strife.

You see, the devil knows (even if we don’t) that praying in tongues is the only way you and I can pray beyond what we know. It’s the tool God has given us to tap into the Spirit’s mind.

When we pray in tongues, we activate the Holy Spirit within us, and He begins to teach and enlighten us. If you want to see an example of what praying in tongues can do, look at the Apostle Paul. He said he prayed in tongues more than anyone in the Corinthian church and was responsible for writing most of the New Testament!

Another example is the first church in Jerusalem. They didn’t yet have any of the New Testament to read. They couldn’t turn to Ephesians to find out God’s plan for them. They just had to pray in tongues until the revelation light of God dawned in their hearts. That’s all the equipment they had. So they used it and turned the world upside down.

Some years ago, God began directing me to pray in tongues for an hour a day. After I had done it for a while, I began to talk to other Christians who’d been required to do the same thing. God was speaking to believers worldwide to spend time praying in the spirit.

Suppose you haven’t committed to spending time each day praying in tongues; create one now. Set aside all the disagreements and confusion the devil has stirred up about it and say, “Lord, I’m going to do it. I don’t care what the devil says. I don’t care what any man says. I know You have plans for me that are so good my human mind hasn’t conceived them—things beyond what I can ask or think. And by praying in the spirit, I will receive them.”

Don’t let the distractions of the devil disturb you. Tap into the mind of God. Speak forth His wisdom. Pray in the spirit today.

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 28:9-12

This message was written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, the leader of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries (, which specializes in teaching principles of bible faith – prayer, healing, salvation, and other biblical topics.

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