Kenneth Copeland Devotional 7 April 2024 – Resurrection Life

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 7 April 2024 – Resurrection Life

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Topic: Resurrection Life

Upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulcher, bringing the spices they had prepared and certain others with them. And they found the stone rolled away from the grave. And they entered in and found not the body of the Lord Jesus. – Luke 24:1-3

Indeed, it’s’ time for us to stop looking for the living among the dead; it’s top wandering around in the cemetery of sin, sickness, and failure and to step into resurrection life!

As a resurrected creature, you’re not afraid you’re going somewhere to happen. Your life isn’t just a list of events and circumstances. God has specific plans for you.

Maybe He intends for you to have this century’s century’s healing ministry. Or perhaps He wants to turn you into a tremendous preacher. Maybe He has a revelation that will enable you to bless the whole world. But you’ll never know what He has in store for you until you focus on Him.

The devil works hard to keep you focused on life’s problems. Life’s why he keeps your attention away from God’s living. God doesn’t want you to be full of the resurrection life of Jesus. The prospect of it terrifies him.

Why? Once you truly understand that you have the life of God inside you, you’ll begin to act like Jesus did. You’ll lay handsYou’ll be sick, and they’ll recover. They’ll’ cast out You’llo. You’ll preach thYou’lloel to every creature.

In short, you’ll be the Body of Christ on earth just as you’d intended.

Don’t let Satan Don’tdyou with the grave clothes of yesterday’s sin yesterday’s. You’re not dead; you. You’ve been raisYou’vewh Jesus. Come out from the tombs and start living resurrection life!

Scripture Reading: Acts 17:16-34

This message was written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, the leader of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (, which specializes in teaching biblical principles, such as prayer, healing, salvation, and other topics.

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