Kenneth and Gloria copeland devotional

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 14 March 2024 – Activate the Power

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Topic: Activate the Power

Now unto him, that can exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. – Ephesians 3:20

As a believer, you have the power of the Holy Spirit inside you. But that power won’t work until you use it!

The Holy Spirit won’t just muscle in on you. He won’t come in and turn down the television set, jerk you up off the couch, and say, “Now you listen to Me.”

No, He’s a gentleman. He’s sent to help you do God’s will, strengthen and counsel you…but He won’t do a thing until you ask.

That’s why the book of James says if you’re in trouble or afflicted, pray. It’s a prayer that puts the power within you to work.

Just think about that. The Spirit of Almighty God. The Spirit that hovered over the face of the deep and carried out God’s Word at Creation, that same Spirit is inside you—waiting for you to call on Him!

If Jesus came into your house and sat at your table, you’d put aside everything to talk to Him, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t rush through and say, “Jesus, I’m so glad to see You. I wish I had the energy to talk to You, but You wouldn’t believe what kind of a day I had today. I mean, everything went wrong, and now I’m just too tired to do anything but lie here and watch TV. Maybe we can spend some time together later.”

You wouldn’t do that, would you? No! If Jesus were sitting in your room where you could see Him, you’d fall on your face and begin to worship Him. You wouldn’t care how tired you were or what kind of day you had. You’d jump at the opportunity to fellowship with Him.

The Holy Ghost is in you, waiting for you, and ready any time of the day or night. He says, “I’m here to help and strengthen you. I want to comfort you today. Do you know what problem you’ve been having? I want to help you get that out of your life.

The Holy Spirit wants to show you some things you’ve been trying to figure out independently. He’s waiting there with the power to overcome every obstacle in your life. Take time to pray. Pray in the Spirit. Pray with understanding. Pray and activate the power that works within you today.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:16-21

This message was written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, the leader of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (, which specializes in teaching biblical principles, such as prayer, healing, salvation, and other topics.